J. Crew, Finally

Were you starting to think I was full of hot air when I said I would be on J. Crew’s website? I was starting to wonder if I dreamed it, too! It came out this week, and I am ecstatic to see the gorgeous bride’s face with MY images on THE J. Crew! Yay!

Check it out: https://www.jcrew.com/wedding/Wedding_Features/RealWeddingsCandiceBrett_sm.jsp

This was pretty thrilling, I must say. The last real wedding they posted was September 2014 (10 months ago); it’s not like they church out several a day. Go Candice and Brett! Big thank you to Candice’s sister, Liv, who is a fantastic designer and had a hand in Candice choosing me to photograph this wedding!

For more of Candice and Brett’s gorgeous wedding, check out my blog: http://amandapomillaphotography.com/j-crew-feature-candice-and-brett/

Anthony and Friends from May

Yep, 2 months ago.  I still have photos I haven’t posted from last summer so this is nothing compared to the blast from the past you’ll get when I have some ‘free time’ 🙂

Anthony’s new friend Oand her mom came over to meet some of our friends and play outside. We’re very happy that O’s family has become friends with our family!

Anthony and Friends in Backyard-0001

Anthony and Friends in Backyard-0001

Anthony and Friends in Backyard-0003

Anthony and Friends in Backyard-0004

Anthony and Friends in Backyard-0005


Anthony and Friends in Backyard-0006

Anthony and Friends in Backyard-0007

Anthony and Friends in Backyard-0008

Anthony and Friends in Backyard-0009

Anthony and Friends in Backyard-0010

Anthony and Friends in Backyard-0011